Smokestacks and Corner Cafes

Hmph, its lunch time. Lunch has to be one of the worst times day. Then again, mornings aren’t the grandeur they’re made to be. Would anyone notice if my lungs stopped from these damn Marlboros? If I didn’t wake up, would anyone miss me? *Sigh* Two more smokestacks, wonder if I can blow rings. Ugh…It’s lunch time. Well, I don’t have anything to eat, maybe I’ll go down to the corner cafe; that cute blond girl should be there soon. What’s her name: Mimi, May, Marcie, May? Maybe it was Mary…anyways, maybe if I play it cool she’ll let me sit with her. I could just go over and sit down with her, is she so great and I so small that she can’t spare a moment? Then again, she probably always has guys like me admiring her, to afraid to approach as she might laugh in your face…its hard on face to get laughed in. Jesus, one more smokestack, that’s the third one today; its not even two yet. The landlady Mrs. Jamison probably gonna kill me when she finds out I took out the smoke alarms. Oh well, not my deal. Tourist season, fools, all of them, throwing money at peddlers convinced they’re buying the bona fide article. Great, now I’m having a crisis of morality. Probably better to have some sort of crisis now than later when I’m tempted to buy some red hot sports car. Interesting, parasols on a cloudy day, who’d have thought. I wonder what she’s doing, probably just got her sandwich and reading her Nicholas Sparks novel. Her reading glasses poised on the middle of her nose.

Well, might as well see if I can catch her…

But I could use a new pack of Marlboros…or Dunhills, I heard those are smoother…

*This is in response to YeahWriters prompt: Write an inner monologue.*

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